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Welcome to 'Akhet Egyptology' and 'Scottish Egyptology'. This site lists all Egyptological collections and resources housed in Scotland, including unique photographs of some of the exhibits. In addition to the Scottish guide the site includes a wide variety of different areas, such as coffin art and the Pharaoh Akhenaten. Of course there is also the obligatory links page.

Places of interest in Scotland

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Places of interest in Scotland

Burrell Collection

Pollok Park, Glasgow

The Burrell collection houses a wide range of art objects. Among them are various Egyptian statues, carvings and assorted other items. The collection also includes a mummy case for an Ibis.

Hunterian Museum

University Avenue, Glasgow

The Hunterian museum is part of Glasgow University and it houses a large collection of objects covering many different cultures and scientific areas. It has a smallish collection of Egyptian objects on display, the most notable of these being the coffin and mummy of 'The lady Shep-en-Hor', and a temple wall carving of Ptolemy VI and Cleopatra II. The coffin is in particularly good condition and illustrates well the level of detail included in some coffin decoration.

The Museums Web Site is an example of how well a 'virtual tour' can be done. The section dealing with the Egyptian exhibits includes several photographs. There is also a report on an X-Ray study of the mummy.

Glasgow Museum and Art Gallery

Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow

Kelvingrove museum houses a small collection of Egyptian exhibits. The museum also contains displays portraying everyday life in ancient Egypt. The major objects on display are the sarcophagus of 'Pabasa' (663 - 609 B.C.) and a coffin lid dating from the 25th dynasty (747 - 656 B.C.).

Marischal Museum

University Of Aberdeen

The museum contains a varied collection of donated exhibits. These include mummies, wall fragments, Shabtis, etc.

At present some of the artifacts are on display in the exhibition 'Collecting the World', These consist largely of object collected by Dr.. James Grant ('Grant Bey'), a physician in Cairo last Century who acquired material from the Khedive.

McManus Galleries

Albert Square, Dundee

The ancient Egypt display is fairly small, but it makes up for this by being very well designed and laid out. The exhibit is in a small darkened room arranged to represent the inside of a tomb. The major items on display are the mummy and coffin of a noblewoman, from the 9th century B.C., and a sarcophagus lid from the tomb of Hor-em-Heb. Additional items on display include a 'false door' from a mortuary temple and small selection of statues and other objects.

National Museum Of Scotland

Chambers Street, Edinburgh

The N.M.S. has an impressive collection of Egyptian artifacts. These include mummies, from the Roman period, and various coffins. It also has a wide range of everyday items which give a fascinating look at life in ancient Egypt. The displays contain items from the pre dynastic period up to the Roman period.

The collection houses a total of 11 mummies, two complete skeletons and also a mummified head. These all entered the collection between 1854 and 1912. The skeletons date from the 17th Dynasty, with the mummies ranging from the 21st Dynasty up to the Roman period. At present three of the mummies from the Roman period are on display to the public.

The museum is presently involved in a major research project to investigate all the mummies in the collection. Hit the link for more details of the N.M.S. Mummy Project

Owing to building work on a new extension to the museum, many of the displays have been moved to protect the items from vibration.


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