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The temples of Ancient Egypt remain as a constant reminder of the power and glory of the Egyptian state and it's Gods. Each of the major gods had their own cult center with a temple complex as well as the 'state' temples at Luxor and Karnak.

In addition the Pharaohs also built mortuary temples where their bodies were prepared for their eternal rest. Several of these survive at Luxor.

The surviving tombs provide a treasure trove of both objects and Information. The paintings and models included with the burials give a glimpse of the everyday life of the ordinary people and the texts provide invaluable information which helps to build up family trees and to establish the chronology.

Philae temple Sound and Light

The Aswan Necropolis

The Colossi of Memnon


Deir-el Bahri


Gebel Silsileh

Karnak Temple


Luxor Temple

Medinet Habu


The Pyramids of Giza

The Ramesseum

The Royal tomb at Akhetaten

The Theban Necropolis

Valley of the Kings

Deir-el Medina

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