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On my last visit to Luxor I visited many of the little tombs round the hill at Shiekh Abd al-Qurna. On my latest trip I was fortunate to have longer to spend exploring the sites. Also the fall in the number of visitors meant that there were far fewer people about so there was no need to hurry. If you missed my first visit you can read all about it here.

Many of the tombs seem to be in exactly the same condition they were when I last visited, so my fears of everything being hacked out in the near future seem unfounded. Luckily not many tourists pass this way so there is no market for the artwork that remains accessible.

The tomb where the bone was found on the previous visit was re-visited to see if there had been any changes there, and also to attempt to explore as far as the burial chamber. This photograph shows the view back up the descending passage from the burial chamber. The rocks do not appear to have fallen from the ceiling in the tunnel, and may have been part of the original blocking of the tomb.
The burial chamber itself was entirely empty, but in the rubble in the passage a 30cm X 15cm X 2cm fragment of wood was found. This had no paint on it but could still have been a part of a coffin. Also in this fill a small piece of pottery was found.
At this point the present occupants of the tombs took exception to to our torchlit invasion of their residence.
After our discovery of the bone in the side chamber, someone else had also done a little poking about and had found this magnificent example of mummification. This bone had been put beside ours just inside the entrance to the tomb. The layers of bandage are clearly visible and the standard of preservation seems to be excellent. Hopefully subsequent explorers will leave these bones where they are so at least part of the original occupant can remain in their robbed, undecorated but incredibly interesting little tomb.


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