Sparky the Dub

Beetle to Buggy, a tale of pain and swearing

The Great Plan

Channel hopping one bored afternoon, I started watching a TV program called Wheeler Dealers on Discovery. On this particular episode they were taking a knackered old VW Beetle and transforming it into a dune buggy. So the thought sort of stuck with me, i mean how hard could it be.....

Doon Buggy
Love at first sight

Here is Sparky, or as he was known at the time "Volkswagon Beetle 1972 (Tax Exempt) for Restoration eBay item number 250182799042"
Sparky is a 1972 1200cc Beetle, and from a project point of view he is fairly ideal (so far). His electrics are 12v and he has the torsion beam front suspension, so if I go with the buggy plan there is no major chassis modification required.

Sparky's Good Side
First looks,and the mystery knobs

The first days investigation, including a lesson in opening the hood and the discovery of some mysterious knobs.

Mystery Knobs
Removing the easy bits (and the roof)

The dismemberment (of the car) begins, armed with nothing more than a stanley knife, socket set, hacksaw and a big hammer. Here the horrors of rust and body filler begin to manifest themselves.

Engine Cover Off
Removing the shell, piece by piece

As I was working on my own, and the shell was beyond repair, I devised a cunning method of removing the shell

Wooden Sills
The serious stripdown begins

Body shell is mostly gone,and there's nothing too horrible mechanically (yet). Work continues on taking Sparky apart.

Wooden Sills
Bloody Back Hubs

Who the hell came up with this design ???

Wooden Sills
Find the seats, lose the floor

Biiiiiiiig progress, and some bargain buckets

Wooden Sills
The body beautiful

A scruffy but intact GP Mk2 body shell arives.

Wooden Sills
Flooring It

Getting ready to fit the floor pans.

Gravity Fit
Must Dash :)

Interior design, Buggy Style

Gravity Fit
The cost so far - Injuries Sustained

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