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About 40 miles north of Aswan lies the enticing ancient site of Gebel Silsileh. This area was famous throughout Ancient Egypt for the quality of the building stone which was quarried here.

The most famous structure here is the rock cut temple of Horemheb on the west bank, opposite where the main quarries were. As well as Horemheb, behind the 5 unevenly spaced doors can be found inscriptions from various Pharaohs including Merenptah, Ramesses II and Ramesses III

Heading south from the Horemheb temple various shrines and tombs are passed many of which look like they would be worthy of further investigation. These bear inscriptions from the reigns of various rulers including Merenptah, Hatshepsut, Ramesses II and Amenhotep II.
The monuments come to an end just at this curious mushroom shaped rock. There are three shrines at this southern end of the site. According to Arthur Weigall in his 'Guide to the Antiquities of Upper Egypt' these shrines are from the reigns of Merenptah, Ramesses II and Seti I.

These photos were all taken from the river Nile, and I was told it was not possible to stop at Gebel Silsileh. The information concerning the monuments was obtained from Arthur Weigall's excellent 'Guide to the antiquities of Upper Egypt' written in 1909.