Monumental Sculpture

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Every ruler of Ancient Egypt wanted to leave their mark on history, and as time progresses they commissioned ever larger and more elaborate statues and obelisks.

A large quantity of these artefacts were removed to the west at the peak of the plunder of Egyptian antiquities. In fact today there are more obelisks standing in Rome than in Egypt.

The Colossi Of Memnon
Massive gatekeepers to Amenhotep III's mortuary temple

Luxor Temple Cachette
Amazing statues found under a pavement in Luxor temple

Cleopatra's Needle
London's most prominent Egyptian landmark

The Talitat Jigsaw Puzzle
A puzzle handed down from the Amarna aftermath

Statues - Immortality in Stone
Pharaohs and nobles, unscarred by the milennia

Votive Stele
Calling cards and offerings to the gods