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One of the most impressive monuments of Thebes is the mortuary temple of Ramesses II, commonly known as the Ramesseum.

Much of the Ramesseum is very well preserved, so much so that the vaulted storerooms which once held supplies for the Pharaoh's cult still survive. In addition the remains of the hypostyle hall and a number of massive statues all remain to give an idea of the original scale of the monument.


The state of preservation of the granaries at the Ramesseum is remarkable. The brick built vaults cover a large area of the site and would have held food and provisions for the Pharaohs funerary cult.  


Ramesses reign was notable for the number of new temples and buildings he had constructed throughout Egypt, and for the military campaigns he undertook to secure and expand the borders of the empire.

The battle of Kadesh was one event in Ramesses' reign which he commemorated on more than one of his monuments.


All over the Ramesseum traces of the original colour remain. These column capitals give some idea of the original quality of the paintwork with which the whole temple was covered.