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On a small island in the Nile near Aswan stands the amazing Temple of Isis at Philae. This monument is possibly best known for the international effort which moved it in it's entirety to the island when it's original location was threatened by the change in water level caused by the High Dam.

Like most of the major monuments in Egypt which are assessable to the mass tourist market Philae has an impressive 'Sound and Light' show. As darkness descends the Pylons and buildings on the island are picked out by spotlights of various colors producing a breathtaking effect.

The temple at Philae is also an excellent indicator of the great age of Egyptian civilisation, from the priests and artisans who carved the reliefs, the early visitors who chiseled out the images, and the European tourists who left their mark on the ancient stone.

 On the right side of the temple precinct stands Trajan's kiosk. This beautiful building was where the sacred barge with the statue of Isis landed during it's annual precession down the river. The kiosk, rebuilt by the Roman emperor Trajan, consists of 14 columns with screen walls which are decorated with scenes of Trajan making offerings to Isis, Osiris and Horus.

The Kiosk is another part of the temple which is illuminated to great effect during the sound and light show.


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