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NMS Mummy Mask The mask shown here is from the collection of the NMS. This mask is not presently on general view in then museum, but was recently put on show as part of the 'Mummies in the Museum' exhibition.
This mask dates from the Ptolemaic period, and is particularly notable for it's excellent state of preservation.
NMS Mummy Mask
In later periods The mask often consisted of an inlaid portrait incorporated into the mummy wrappings. One of the NMS Mummy Project's plans is to use 3d X-ray techniques to carry out a facial reconstruction of a 'portrait mummy' to find out if this painting is a real representation of the dead man, or a standard image.

 Another technique which was popular during the Roman period was to model the features of the dead person in plaster. This gilded face is again fitted directly onto the mummy wrappings