Egyptian Gods and Mythology

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It certainly appears at first that there were a bewildering array of gods in Ancient Egypt. these ranged from 'National' deities such as Atum, Ra, Osiris and Isis, down to local gods for all the towns and regions, as well as patron gods for different trades. In addition there was also worship of ancestors, such as deified Pharaohs and scribes.

Anubis,The God Of Embalming
The famous jackal headed denizen of the underworld

The 4 Sons Of Horus
Guardians of the embalmed internal organs

The Ibis headed inventor of writing.

The cow headed goddess

Strange Deities from Horemheb's Tomb
What was the significance of these strangely contorted figures ?

The Myth of Isis and Osiris
A fascinating tale passed down from ancient times

Cat Mummies
Not only humans were mummified

Gods of Ancient Egypt

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