My never ending quest for new hobbies has led me into the strange world of kiting. Like many people my only previous experience of this sport was flying a diamond kite at the beach when I was a child.

Be warned that kiting is an exciting, and not entirely safe, hobby. There is a bit of a difference between gently swooping a small kite backwards and forwards and being dragged along attached to a hi-tech wing capable of pulling you off your feet.

Modern 'power kites' are used for a variety of extreme sports where the power generated by the kite is used to power buggies, surf boards, or even lift the pilot into the air.

Buying a pre-made kite is usually the first step, but there is an alternative if you want the real power-kiting experience without the substantial financial outlay. This involves making your own kite. There are various plans available on the internet for this.

Want proof ? See my home made Nasa Wing in action , or it's bigger brother.