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This small fish charm shows some of the detail which the Egyptian craftsmen could include in their work. This piece is all the more amazing because it is only about 3cm in length.
It is thought that this object was possibly a child's charm providing protection against drowning.
These rings are a typical example of Egyptian gold work. They are significant because they were found in a small cache outside Akhenaten's Royal Tomb at El-Amarna. One of these rings bears the cartouche of Queen Nefertiti. It is possible that this ring was once owned by that most famous Queen.

Amongst the articles found in the royal tomb at Amarna was this incredibly intricate gold ear plug. Again the high standard of gold work is clearly illustrated

The Cairo Museum contains a great deal of Tutankhamun's 'treasure' in addition to the Mask. A large quantity of Jewelry would have been removed when the tomb was robbed, but the mummy was intact. This delicately inlaid circlet found on the head is another example of the fine detail contained in the jewelry.


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