Ancient Egyptian Grave Goods

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The majority of surviving artifacts from Ancient Egypt have survived the millenia stored safely away in tombs awaiting the ressurection, or more often the tomb robbers shovel. This section of the site gives an indication of the sort of things with which burials were equipped, These were to supply both the spiritual and the physical needs of the Mummy.

Votive Stele
Memorials,calling cards and offerings to the gods

Shabtis - Servants For The Afterlife
The magical workforce for the afterlife

Mertetes' funerary models
Impressive models from a noble womans tomb

Tutankhamun's Furniture
Some of the everyday objects in the boy-king's tomb

Tutankhamun's 'Treasure'
The wealth which accompanied Tut to the grave

Jewelry and Amulets
Fine examples of the jewelers art

Horemheb's Tomb Models
Strangely contorted deities from the Valley of the Kings

Coffin Art
My favorite example of ancient painting

Mummy Masks
The faces of the dead, from nobles and kings

Museums And Galleries
A guide to places to go and things to see

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