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Of all the icons of Ancient Egypt, nothing quite captures the imagination quite like the Pyramids. The monuments which survive at Giza, Dashur and Saqqara stand as proof of the amazing achievements of the craftsmen who built these astounding structures 4000 years ago. 

The most famous of all the pyramid sites is found at Giza. Almost surrounded by an ever expanding Cairo the Giza necropolis somehow maintains it's impact amidst the insanity of the largest city in Africa.

There are three main pyramids at Giza, as well as a number of smaller 'queens' pyramids and literally dozens of Mastaba tombs which were the last resting place of the nobles who served the Pharaohs

More has probably been written about the largest of the pyramids at Giza, the Great Pyramid, than about any other ancient monument in the world.

The Ancient builders took elaborate steps to protect the burials contained in the pyramids. In the Great Pyramid massive blocks were slid down the entrance passage to seal up the tomb. Unfortunately even this didn't work as the robbers merely burrowed through the body of the pyramid going round the hard blocking stones.

Although the impact of seeing the pyramids can not be understated there are some things which are a little disappointing. For example the air shafts which originate in the burial chamber, and have been the source of so much conjecture and controversy are now little more than a convenient place to dump rubbish.