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A common feature of coffin art, especially from the Middle Kingdom, was the inclusion of divine wings wrapped around the deceased. These symbolised the that the deceased was blessed with divine protection in the afterlife

This idea of protective wings surrounding the body was developed throughout the history of dynastic Egypt. The wings were either across the chest, as shown here, or wrapped round the coffin from the sides. A later development was the Rishi or feathered coffin.

One noteable exception from this portrayal on coffins was the relative rarity of coffins decorated with Horus, possibly because the falcon was associated with light airy places or because the influence of Horus was restricted to the Living. However the god Sokaris is often found in funerary art.

All objects photographed here are from the collection of the National Museums of Scotland.
Thanks to the N.M.S. Department of History and Applied Art for information concerning the objects.

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