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From later in Egyptian history is the beautifully preserved temple at Edfu. This amazing monument was raised to honour the falcon headed god Horus.

Edfu is particularly notable as it houses one of the only surviving royal barques, which was used in Pharaohnic times to parade a statue of the god in a solemn ceremonial procession.

The massive pylons at the entrance to Edfu are amongst the most complete and impressive in all of Egypt. Standing in front of them you get a real impression of the astounding scale of the achievements of the ancient Egyptian builders.


Edfu is perhaps most famous for the statues of the god Horus which still stand silent guard at both sides of the outer and inner entrances to the complex.




One of the main features of the carvings at Edfu are 'The contendings of Horus and Seth'. This Egyptian myth tells the story of the fights between Horus and his uncle Seth which followed the murder of Osiris.