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Perhaps the most striking legacy left by the Ancient Egyptians was in their funerary art, surviving in coffins and statues in virtually every major museum throughout the world. It is hard not to be impressed by the symbolism and attention to detail which these works display.

This section of the site includes a selection of objects from collections throughout the world.

The National Museums of Scotland
Tomb KV55

Mummy Masks -The Faces Of The Dead
Some of the most enduring images of Ancient Egypt

Bodies for Eternity - Anthropoid Coffins
Elaborately decorated eternal bodies for the deceased

Osiris Coffin Art from the NMS
My favorite piece of ancient Egyptian art

Divine Wings - Birds in Coffin Art
Exploring the common funerary theme, of wings and feathers

Gods And Goddesses in Coffin Art
Egyptian deities, as displayed on coffins

Jewelry And Amulets
Magical protection, and fine examples of exquisite workmanship

Museums And Galleries
Places to go and things to see, in the UK and overseas

The National Museums of Scotland
Tomb KV55