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There are a bewildering array of books available concerning Ancient Egypt. These range from simple titles with lots of pictures but little background, to heavyweight tomes costing hundreds of pounds.
The titles reviewed here are generally accepted to be amongst the best, and If you are looking to find out more these are the books to start with.

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Click on the book titles to take you directly to a review of that book, as well as the opportunity to order on-line with Amazon.com

 The Complete Valley of the Kings


The Complete Pyramids 

The British Museum Dictionary of Ancient Egypt 

 The Chronicle of the Pharaohs

Egyptian treasures : from the Cairo Museum


Gold of the Pharaohs

The Complete Tutankhamun

The Ancient Egyptian Book Of The Dead

Akhenaten : Dweller in Truth 

Akhenaten : King of Egypt

Akhenaten and the Religion of Light

Nefertiti : Egypts Sun Queen


Pharaohs of the Sun


The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Egypt 


Hieroglyphs Without Mystery

The British publisher 'Shire' also produce a range of Egyptology titles each having approx. 60 pages. These books provide an inexpensive but fairly comprehensive reference source. The titles presently in the range include

Egyptian Mummies

Egyptian Gods and Myths

Egyptian Painting and Relief

Egyptian Textiles

Egyptian Pottery

Egyptian Pyramids and Mastaba tombs

Predynastic Egypt

Egyptian Towns And Cities

Egyptian Food And Drink

Akhenaten's Egypt

Egyptian Coffins

Egyptian Household Animals

Egyptian Metalworking and Tools

Egyptian Rock-Cut Tombs

Egyptian Medicine

Egyptian Warfare and Weapons

Graeco-Roman Egypt

Tutankhamun's Egypt

Shire Publications
Cromwell House,
Church Street,
Princes Risborough,
HP27 9AJ,

Please be aware that different people have different ideas on what is 'essential'. The books listed here are merely my opinion, although more specific titles will depend on a particular interest. The fact that you are reading this shows that you have access to the best Information Resource, the Internet. If you have a question the answer will be out there somewhere.