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Luxor Museum

The museum in Luxor, although not on the scale of it's illustrious Cairo predecessor does house a large collection of tremendously significant objects. These include statues from the famous Cachette found buried in Luxor temple as well as a small selection of items from the tomb of Tutankhamun.

Another major exhibit is a re-assembled Talatat wall from a temple of the Aten at Karnak, built by the famous heretic Pharaoh Akhenaten.


Amongst the fine individual pieces of sculpture on display, this amazing Alabaster diad statue featuring the crocodile headed god Sobek is one of the most striking. Statues of this type are quite common from all periods of Egyptian history and other famous examples include the immaculate triad statues of Menkaure found at Giza..

This statue was discovered lying at the bottom of a well. It is a pity that photographs can not really do justice to the amazing workmanship which these figures display.

Another well known piece of sculpture which now resides in the Luxor Museum is this statue of The Napoleon of Ancient Egypt, Thutmose III.

Because of it's proximity to the Valley of the Kings, and I suppose to keep the tourists coming through the door, a small selection of items from the tomb of Tutankhamun are included in the museum. Most famous of these is the black and gold Hathor cow head, but there are also a few other pieces. These include two of the kings funerary boat models, some furniture items and these Shabti figures.