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No Pharaoh of Egypt causes quite so much debate as the 'Heretic' Akhenaten. Despised by his successors and all but erased from history, only now are some of the details being painstakingly put together of this man and the profound effect he had on an empire.

Why did he turn his back on the existing Gods and close their temples, and what was the significance of the Great Hymn to the Aten ? Take a look through this section of the site, and learn a little about Akhenaten, his life, his family and his city.



 Who Was Akhenaten ?

Find out about the ideas which changed an empire.


 Akhenaten's Reign

A year by year account of Akhenaten's rule.


 Amarna Period Mysteries

Some of the unanswered questions about Akhenaten and Amarna.

Akhenaten : King of Egypt

The Chronicle of the Pharaohs

The Complete Tutankhamun